Did You Say Go West? (Chp. 2)

“Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly”-Tony Robbins

Classic road signs

Classic road signs

    Departing Kansas at 11:00 in the morning is a late start but some things are unavoidable. As I push through mid-morning traffic on 435 Northbound from Kansas I head towards Omaha, NE.

    While rolling through open farmland and cattle ranges, pale, grey skies hang lazily with enough light to remind one that the day is running away from you. The Go Go’s sing, “Our lips are sealed…” as I-29 directs me to Sioux City and Sioux Falls in the late afternoon. The time is 4:22 in the evening.

 I’m leaving familiar areas as I enter I-90 to head west to places that I have not seen in ten years. How has the land changed and what lies ahead for a free spirit like myself? Interstate 90 is the longest interstate highway in the United States covering 3,101.13 miles with the west leg of the road ending in Seattle, WA. I-90 crosses the Continental Divide and serves several major cities like, the mentioned Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Albany and Boston.

   I pass abandoned barns or homes on once prosperous farmland. The land fights to stay alive as I see patches of green push past the dark, destroyed grasses. I wonder about the families that owned these areas and buildings that rot away, doors hanging on their last hinges. As the night descends, this is a signal to rest my body and save the next leg of the journey for the morning. Mitchell, South Dakota is the pit stop for the night.

(Photos by writer and protected.)

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