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I’ve decided to try something new. After being approached to  host a guest blogger for my site, I thought, “why not?” It would allow, for me, a chance to breathe and research material for future stories while allowing someone else to shine. So, I welcome my guest blogger, Alice Jerusha. (

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Major health tips when you are on travel

When you are travelling alone or with family, health is the most important concern. To make sure that you have a smooth trip, the use of proper precautions can prevent your journey from being one of mishaps. Often medicines and first aid are just not enough. The use of common sense and discretion helps also.

The right precautions for a safe journey

Carrying proper medicines as well as following some necessary steps will help you make a safe and great travel. There are some important things to keep in mind.

· Do some research about the health information of your travel destination.

· If you have any special medical conditions like diabetes, allergy, asthma, consult a doctor and take medicines.

· Talk to the doctor if you are not feeling too well before the trip.

· Make a brief medical history containing the doctor’s name, number, your blood type, medicine you take etc.

Health tips for international travel

· Go through the nation’s immunization and health requirements before the travel.

· Immunization is the first and most important thing to do if you need it. Get your family and yourself immunized before the travel. Complete this four to six weeks before departure.

· Your health insurance may not be applicable beyond your nation, so get it checked. Also get a new health or accident insurance if needed.

· Find out the recommended doctors, hospitals, clinics of the visiting nation. Also get in touch with the foreign affairs office for this matter.

· When you are applying for health or accident insurance, make sure that the insurance covers the cost of transporting you from that destination for treatment.

· When in a foreign country, go for packaged foods or the ones made in restaurants. The safest drinks also include factory packaged cold drinks, beverages, water or soda water.

· In case you fall sick while you are in a different country, contact the nearest embassy for help. You should also get in touch with your travel health insurance provider.

· Remember to carry proof of your immunization.

Packing it right

· If you use any prescription medicine, remember to carry a sufficient amount so that it lasts the entire trip. Also remember to take a copy of your original prescription. If you need any emergency medicine, keep it in the carry-on luggage.

· Keep all medicines in their original containers. Do not switch them into other bottles that could trigger a red flag to security to. Also keep a letter from your doctor mentioning why you need these medicines.

· Remember to carry mosquito and insect repellent, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, cold or flu medicines, antibiotic ointments as well as pain killers, like aspirin, with you.

En routing

· You might suffer from jet lag so drink plenty of water while travelling.

· Get enough sleep to make you feel fresh and active.

· You might develop blood clots in the legs from sitting too long on buses or flights. To prevent these dangers, drink plenty of water and stretch often.

· In case of sea sickness and motion sickness, carry motion sickness medicines. This will help.

In case you wish to make use of your driving skills while you are at a different destination, dial-up the DVLA phone number for help. Also remember to check your driver’s license for renewal dates.

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Alice, a travel blogger and a writer from London, loves to travel and share her experiences with people around the world. Travelling is her greatest passion. Presently, she is focusing on DVLA phone number which provides information about driver and vehicle licenses.