Peek-a-boo at the Moon (GSA chp.3)

“Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”-Mark Twain

Sometimes the simplest joys are not only free but all around us if we learn to look, sometimes with a turn of the head.

During a late drive on Maui‘s 30 highway, all I could do is focus on the road, the darkness ahead and praying that nothing would jump into the road, causing a change in my life forever. Consumed with thoughts of where to find Monsieur, a strange but beautiful glow in my left periphery caught my attention.

I make out the shadows of the mountains but the brightest stream of light that rimmed the clouds pulled my thoughts to wonder. Could it possibly be the moon so majestic to give the clouds this beautiful outline? My body began to relax as a deep sigh escaped, releasing all the tension that my body retained from hours before. With each curve, twist and turn of the road, the glow became brighter and brighter as though the main event would soon show itself, and it did.

English: Moon
English: Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The moon slid away from the clouds, its fullness, the brightness of a million lights compacted into one form. It seemed to say “Ta-da. Check me out.” How could I not, such greatness and beauty before me. For a moment all the sadness and doubt that my heart held within about so many things, were swept away. I smiled at the moon, in fact I chuckled at the thought of it doing anything for attention.

Making my way down the last stretch of road, to my right the ocean appeared. My friend, the moon gave its last performance and placed a shimmering glow upon its waters then slid back behind the clouds rimming the edges. As the road ducked into a tunnel it ended into the blaring city lights, I looked for my friend but could not find it. At the last-minute all the clouds moved away and then there he was, all its fullness for all the world to see. A beautiful sight indeed.