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“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement”-Rita Mae Brown, Alma Mater    It is through a mistake that we learn our greatest lessons. Indeed, I have learned mine. Friends don’t let friends touch their computers.       It’s a harsh thing to say but a necessary one. Almost two weeks ago, I allowed my co-worker, who was visiting at my home, to use my laptop. I will admit that.. Read More

A Donut Affair

Chocolate delights

  How does a love affair usually start? Sometimes it begins with a glance or a look over a glass counter at a shop. Before you know it, a desire courses through your veins causing you to think or dream about it all the time. All reason goes out the window and you must have them. That’s how it started with me and LaMar’s-donuts that is. It seemed so long ago, twenty years.. Read More

Services Rendered Shout-Out (chp.8)

“You’re far more likely to regret the things you don’t do than the things you do”-Mark Twain So you think you have soul but do you know what it is? One definition of soul (by is the emotional part of human nature. Simply Soul on 51 N. Market St., Wailuku, Maui, HI, is a step up by being soulful as well as a Rasta boutique. Everything in the store is locally made.. Read More

Services Rendered Shout-Out (chp.5)

“Men are born to succeed, not to fail”-Henry David Thoreau If I had not seen it for myself, I wouldn’t believe that customer service could still be found even on the island of Maui. This act of kindness started with Edward Parsons, a Ctrlcenter Service Expert at OfficeMax. At 270 Dairy Rd. in Kahului, HI, Ed greeted and shortly recongnized me from a previous appointment a month ago. This subtle gesture made it easier to approach.. Read More

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“Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always intresting.”- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe On the island of Lanai, is a cool, upbeat boutique called, The Local Gentry. Located in the town square at 363 7th St., is a gem of a find. During an early morning browse, I  had scanned the stores’ window displays and could not wait for it to open. There is no.. Read More

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“A people free to choose will always choose peace.”-Ronald Reagan In the town of Makawao, Maui HI, there stands a small treasure. Jewels of the White Tara, 3682 Baldwin Ave., fills you with delight, color and calm. Eight years ago, Chandra, the owner, met and befriended her future co-partner of her first store, Mandala in Pa’ia. When the relationship ended, she began to look for a new store to heal her lost and.. Read More

Services Rendered Shout Out (chp.1)

Even in paradise, a girl has real needs. On the mainland, we take a lot for granted because of availability due to being in walking or driving distance. On the island of Maui, limitations are common because of the high cost of shipping, changing the face of what you want into what you need. Seek and find is the name of the game here. You learn to ask questions of strangers if you want to know.. Read More

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