Of Wind and Wings (GSA chp.4)

Spur of the moment events are usually the most daring and memorable. It’s 11:30 a.m. and the last step would be taken as I walk towards a pink trailer to check in for my latest adventure, a glider flight. For twenty-minutes I will ride on the wings of the wind and feel my childhood fantasy of flight merge to the present. Dillingham Airfield My adrenalin rush slowed to a crawl when I noticed that.. Read More

Peek-a-boo at the Moon (GSA chp.3)

“Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”-Mark Twain Sometimes the simplest joys are not only free but all around us if we learn to look, sometimes with a turn of the head. During a late drive on Maui‘s 30 highway, all I could do is focus on the road, the darkness ahead and praying that nothing would jump into the road, causing a change.. Read More

Just a Word of Thanks

The Hawaiian Islands have many wonderful stretches of beautiful beaches and I enjoy taking advantage of each. In doing so, I learn a lot from nature. Yesterday on the island of Maui in Ma’alaea, I noticed the waves were not as boisterous as in the past few days. It was as if the ocean were tired of proving how tough it could be and decided to take it easy. The waters color appeared steel grey.. Read More

The Grass Skirt Affair (chp.2)

“Seize an opportunity every single day.” After the mad drive to LA and the inevitable security search at the airport, it was finally time to board my Delta flight to Hawaii. At 7 p.m. west coast time the crowd gathers and moves forward from 1st class to economy. As I make my way to the back of the plane, I look at the faces of the men in first class and wonder “could he.. Read More

The Grass Skirt Affair

I received a call early Sunday morning. It was one of my contacts. “Monsieur is on the move,” the bass voice stated. I sat up slightly in bed, perched on my left elbow while a sliver of light from the street pushed through the drapes. “Are you sure? Give me the details.” “He’s purchased a ticket for Honolulu and will leave at 1510 this afternoon.” I gave a set of instructions, and thanked.. Read More

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