Finding a Path to Prayer (CA chp.5)

“When at night you cannot sleep, talk to the Shepherd and stop counting sheep.”- Author Unknown Maybe it was the cool breezes of the morning or the promise of a new day, but the wish to go off the beaten path challenged me. This time the burgundy Element traveled to Oceanside, CA to the “King of the Missions,” San Luis Rey de Francia. Gleaming white buildings of adobe could be seen from the.. Read More

Tahquitz Canyon & a.k.a Turtleback (CA chp.4)

“The volume of nature is the book of knowledge”-Oliver Goldsmith Citizen of the World Tahquitz Canyon For people who follow my posts, understand that I’m a loner, a solo traveler. Since arriving in California, I’ve come across people that have hung around for more than a day or two. One of these is Yolanda, whom I’ve named, a.k.a Turtleback. As seen in the photo, the orange backpack reminds me of a turtle shell and in.. Read More

Ms. Fancy Pants (CA chp. 3)

The town of Palm Springs is all a buzz with the arrival of a twenty-five foot pop art sculpture that arrived in three semi-trucks. “Forever Marilyn” is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel by installation artist, Seward Johnson. Her pose is from the famous subway grate scene in the film, The Seven Year Itch, by director Billy Wilder. A grand unveiling on May 24th, brought hundreds to the high desert area to celebrate.. Read More

Hit the Road Jack (Westbound chp.5)

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”-Martin Buber If you want to see a giant hole in the desert floor, visit Meteor Crater. Located off I-40 at exit 233 and 6 miles south on the paved road, it is worth the stop. A meteorite, 50,000 years ago, formed a crater 550 feet deep, 2.4 miles in circumference and nearly one mile across on the inhabited earth. Estimations state that.. Read More

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