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“Travel teaches toleration”-Benjamin Disraeli I am featuring guest blogger Kendra Thornton for this special story. She contacted me regarding our favorite places to travel. Although we have listed some of our top picks, trust me it wasn’t easy, at least not for me. I could have listed twenty more but I did not want to appear selfish on the page. Hopefully this will give you an idea for the upcoming spring and summer.. Read More

A Donut Affair

Chocolate delights

  How does a love affair usually start? Sometimes it begins with a glance or a look over a glass counter at a shop. Before you know it, a desire courses through your veins causing you to think or dream about it all the time. All reason goes out the window and you must have them. That’s how it started with me and LaMar’s-donuts that is. It seemed so long ago, twenty years.. Read More

Cool Colors and Cider Drinks

“Of  all the seasons, autumn  offers the most  to man and requires the least of him.”-Hall Borland Hot Cider anyone? It’s that time of the year when cool winds of the upcoming season tickles our cheeks and whispers in our ears that winter is on its way. Autumn’s fingers tap the leaves that hang bright green from unsuspecting branches, sending a wave of brilliant colors through its veins. Soon, the leaves break free,.. Read More

The Need to Flee

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travels sake. The great affair is to move.” Robert Lewis Stevenson – Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes There are times when running away is fun. To get away from all the grown up and expected responsibilities that label us once we pass the age of twenty-one. For me, the need to flee is nothing new. I dream and wonder, “What if?” or “How did that.. Read More

Flapjacks, Hotcakes, Pancakes and More (GSA chp.5)

I have a love that will never hinder, the love of pancakes. I’m always on the lookout for the best in them from anywhere at any time of day.  In the October, 2012 issue of Runners Magazine, a featured story about pancakes sparked my attention. In it, a reader mentioned that his fave pancake joint is the Gazebo Restaurant in Lahaina, Hawaii. After my two-hour training session, (yes I’m preparing for my second.. Read More

The Grass Skirt Affair (chp.2)

“Seize an opportunity every single day.” After the mad drive to LA and the inevitable security search at the airport, it was finally time to board my Delta flight to Hawaii. At 7 p.m. west coast time the crowd gathers and moves forward from 1st class to economy. As I make my way to the back of the plane, I look at the faces of the men in first class and wonder “could he.. Read More

Lila loves Lulu’s

  When you enter Lulu California Bistro, 200 S. Palm Canyon Drive, think of Dave Brubeck and his classic tune, Take Five. The clean, light, tasteful colors calm you from the searing Palm Springs heat. The song, “It’s a Love Thing,” by the Whispers, plays overhead while your eye cruises the interior. Split level dining areas take you from a ramped area that leads to one level as a swirl staircase moves you.. Read More

Bumpin’ at the Bagdad Cafe (CA chp.6)

I’m always on the lookout for the fun and unusual places on the Route 66 trail. Now I’ve never seen the movie Bagdad Café, but a lot of people from Europe have. The day I pulled onto the gravel lot at 46548 National Trails Hwy. Newberry Springs, CA, I noticed the large white European travel bus parked a slight distance from the building. Several people clicked away on their cameras while others milled.. Read More

Color Me Happy (CA chp.2)

“Some of us come on earth seeing-some of us come on earth seeing color.” Louise Nevelson A splash of color in life is all you need to change its rhythm. The vibrancy displayed at 1800 East Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, CA, is the Saguaro. The bright orange words that give a jolt to the corner, gave me a reason to stop and ask what this building was all about. I walked through the.. Read More

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