It’s Hana Baby!

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”-Martin Buber

If you ever travel to Maui, HI you must take the one time trip to Hana. I’ve traveled it three times within the last five months and still find something new that I missed the time before. Starting from Pa’ia, an upbeat town of shops and eateries. You can find art work by local artists, clothing by top name companies and grab a bite at any of the restaurants’ within walking distance.

As an early riser, I head out by eight in the morning to get a jump-start. Passing the town in its waking hours, I travel towards Ho’okipa Beach Park and fill the car with the fresh air drifting off of the deep blue ocean to my left. Surfers are out, polishing up their skills on waves that tease. After a few shots, its time to move forward to the drive that some locals detest and others love. The Road to Hana is a crazy, zigzag, rollercoaster ride through the most lush, and beautiful valleys one could ever imagine. I take the dare and push on.

Stop at Three Bears Falls, one of the best of several waterfalls along the drive.  Another view is Twin Falls. In twined along the route you find food stands that offer, fruit, food, drinks and souvenirs shops. Crafters pop up along the popular tourist sites with necklaces, earrings and the like for  sale.

Allow seven hours for the entire drive. This is for the photo buffs, swimmers and the slow drivers that want to take it easy. Some people travel only half of the road and turn back. But if you are in for a true adventure take Hana from one end of the island to the other. You will travel paved, unpaved and crazy rocky roads. To be continued.  (click on photos to enlarge.)